Fleshly bodies exisist

What is it exactly that keeps man from evolving?
I am from the belife that man will surely evolve. Just as the earth must clean itself the existance of man seems to be just the same. one certainty is true we all must experiance a death of the flesh body we now posses. This is a scary thought to some and a reality to most. what is there inbetween. life and death. is a simple term. Existance and Nonexistance is a completely diffrent subject matter. Death of the flesh is an evolvement of being . man certainly has not shown great strides in evolvement over his human existance however the mind of man I suspect has evolved. Man has realities now that in earlier pre space age periods man has always challanged thought and it is still in occurance today. though the thought of mans exisitance is just on whos mind anyway? I’m positive there are many who have podered the ideal of existance out side of fleshly bodies, but just how many people ever get true conformation of the matter while they are breathing air?


About AnnieStine

Creative/critical Thinker. Formulating ways to evaluate critical life decisions.
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