who knows what he has?

as if it matters… wow doesnt it suck when you feel this way? Ahhhhhhhhh , Ok I think Im all right. what do I want to write? Shit all day long I think of good shit and now look at this … sucks!
hahahahahahah, ok.

today is a day filled with what was that. Kinda LIKE THE DAY WHEN THAT GUY WHIPPED OUT HIS you know his thing!-o-ling, ho my gosh! was I so unsurprised and equally suprised to see it big you know whatta. but gee I still havent gotten over it completely this happeded four days past. Well I did complement the guy, it was a nice pieace of work e he was so bashfully happy when I complimented him on his stock.
Im just a little upset cause he was a hot! and well you know what if we could of gotten to know each other I might of had a chance to have a good time, but who knows were hes been?


About AnnieStine

Creative/critical Thinker. Formulating ways to evaluate critical life decisions.
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