ITS just I am going craZY  , hOW DO MEN DO IT? 

At last I feel like a women but what shitty timing now that my husband is thousands of miles away.  What do you do? is there a right way to go about it and is it even appropriate to express I mean most people besides myself dont just start a conversation up to someone at the bus stop with I am a raging hormone.  well any how I am surrounded with ladies and thats real cool if I was a man. however the appropriate talk seems to be the major of conversation, which is so boring right now in my life.  I need real talk closer to the ruth talk with ideology with that will get me through.  I did go by a verse in the bible that talked about abstance is bougus concept and I meditated a while with it.  I found that its true why preach about the one major instinctual behavior, in a way that is hypocritical.  Yes Sex is a need not just a want during certain points of life? I love the lord only to find out I am a sinner till I get ride of this fleshly clothing.  So what know?  I want to explore my feelings deeper in writting .. life is so lame sometimes! I dont even have a peronal computer so I could express with fullness the realm I am entering in on.  God I pray I make it through o.  hereses to living life and loving god at the same time.  iF i could reincarnate any individual right know I liked to know what king David  says about being sexually active.  Well any how thats how I feel maybe in time I can elaborate.  lol anniestine


About AnnieStine

Creative/critical Thinker. Formulating ways to evaluate critical life decisions.
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