Googleverse Now

What to do? Its somewhat a lost when your someone like me how. Over the years Ive relized potential is what all man kind holds alike. Do I use my potential? The answer to that is, No. Well, Im Not giving up slightly giving in I don’t know if its right or wrong, I just know its what I find as the only peaceful outcome to my in superior position.

I love the Ideal that no matter where you come from, been and extra ordinary talents you are no diffrent from the next man when you are silent.

Silent observer Silent Activist of Thoughts all remains to the Majority the unknown Static.

When we limit whom we share our thoughts and opinions. Seem like limitations do exactly that limit of the possibilities of human experiance.

The Other month I came up with a great Ideal. Or so I thought it was cool. “Googleverse”. The Googleverse is a Marketing campain. If I had the knowledge and ability I would take it to the Google executives. “Are you in The Googleverse?” “Yeah! I Googleverse, Everyday.” “You Got Googleverse?”

The Googleverse is the universe of Google Users. All Respect.

The Google verse offers many Benifits to the user.
Google is a universe. A univers of active members making up searchers and Information. Google Freedom Respect Honor to the Creation of Innovation, Creativity and Prosperity!

WEll what do I do? Is this A good Slogan. Does it matter that it was me a anybody in the universe of net commentary?

Blessings To All Mankind

Your Remarks Are Appreciated.


About AnnieStine

Creative/critical Thinker. Formulating ways to evaluate critical life decisions.
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